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Why Is My Website Slow?

Your website is slow and that's one of the biggest reasons it doesn't show up in Google search results. When your website doesn't show up in Google search results, your website effectively does not exist. So customers searching for your product or service can't find you.

Why is your website slow? Here are all the possible reasons:

  • Database bottleneck
  • Host server overloaded
  • Uncompressed, heavy pages
  • Poor network

So how do you solve these problems? (Hint: we solve these problems. Host your site with us.

Database bottleneck This is the biggest reason that your website is slow. If your website depends on a database to serve pages to visitors all sorts of things can go wrong. You need to continuously monitor the performance of your database and fix performance issues by either doing maintenance on the database servers or by adding more horsepower.

Host server overloaded Many service providers will overload a physical server with many virtual servers. This starves each individual virtual server of resources. Moreover, many of these providers have no means of isolating and guaranteeing performance for your virtual machine. And when you add a database bottleneck to an overloaded server you end up with a slow website. The only answer in this case is to over-provision the virtual server or use a dedicated physical server, both of which are expensive.

Uncompressed, heavy pages You've done everything else right. You've got a server that has plenty of compute, networking and storage horsepower. But your web pages try to load huge stylesheets and other libraries. Maybe the images on your pages are just too large. Imagine trying to download a massive image from a mobile browser when you're out in the middle of nowhere. Compressing the pages themselves and the other static content will give your site a massive boost in performance.

Poor network Getting your website close to the user is the last and necessary step to really improve your website's performance, thereby improving position in Google search results. This involves using a content delivery network (CDN) which distributes your content to edge locations in order to reduce the distance that content needs to travel in order to reach users.

HTTPS HTTPS isn't a reason why your site is slow, but not using HTTPS could be why your site isn't prominently showing up in Google search results. Google search results favors sites that are served using HTTPS. Perspect sites use HTTPS out-of-the-box with zero additional configuration or cost.

If your site suffers from any of these issues, you should use Perspect.

Perspect Is Fast

Perspect creates fast websites. Everyone says that, but in our case it's really true. Just how fast is a Perspect site? Check out the report from, a site operated by Google. Create your own site by signing up here.